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When you have a digital business, the main ingredient to achieve conversions is traffic. There are different strategies to attract customers to a website. Organic traffic is undoubtedly the most powerful of all. The best way to get organic traffic is through the development of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in your content. Generally, digital businesses are limited to applying traditional SEO techniques. However, if you want to gain competitive advantages, you must go beyond.

A smart way to keep your business on top is to provide an extraordinary User Experience. To do this, the wisest thing is to engage the services of a leading Kansas City SEO agency, such as Summit Media Solutions Inc. You must know some innovative techniques that, together with your website, provide you can implement to achieve success.

Techniques for Innovating the SEO of Your Online Business

Within traditional SEO techniques, you will want to provide valuable content, and then continually seek and update quality backlinks. Nowadays, search engines have given a twist to the parameters of the User Experience (UX). Now, within this new SEO, you must look for the user to stay longer and interact actively with your content. These are some useful tactics.

Use Presentations

If the user comes to your site to look for specific information, you can provide an excellent experience through a SlideShare. You will also allow people who are visual to comprehend better what you have to say to them. Always be mindful that these presentations you share do not compromise the speed of the page.

Don't Forget the Videos

The use and sharing of videos have been a revolution within the 2.0 era. A recorded video, webinar, or streaming video are powerful tools to keep the visitor's attention. You can share “How to”, “DIY”, or “Q&A” to hold them with you. Remember to set the correct SEO parameters for video searching, so that you increase the likelihood of visits.

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This is a tactic that works perfectly for both your content and your products. It follows the same “Complementary Products” marketing principle. People who come to your portal are looking for answers about a specific topic. If what you tell them sounds interesting, they'll probably want to know more. This technique is also perfect for increasing your authority.

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Within the layout of your website, do not forget to include a link to your content of higher traffic. Curiosity has always been a great ally to attract people's attention, and you can rely on it to increase the staying time. If you want to apply any of these tactics with the best Kansas City's SEO team, contact us at Summit Media Solutions Inc, and we will gladly support you.

Internal Backlink

Although you have probably heard this tactic many times, this point is often neglected by the “SEO experts.” A proper interlacing of your contents will bring you these direct benefits:

  • Google highly values internal links
  • You'll have more pages viewed
  • Increases time spent on the website

Are You Ready to Succeed?

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